Top 7 Favourite Places in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Saskatoon Saskatchewan - 7 Favourite Places

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is not just the heart of Canada’s prairies, it’s also the heart of Canada and one of the great cities in North America! Here are our top 7 favourite places in Saskatoon Saskatchewan in 2022

1) The Weir & Train Bridge
Located at River Landing, Saskatoon’s newest landmark is a unique pedestrian bridge that crosses over train tracks in an elegant arch. The steel truss bridge has lights that change colour and can be set to music. It was built to resemble a weir, which are flat dams used for irrigation purposes.

2) Diefenbaker Canada Centre
The Diefenbaker Canada Centre is situated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and commemorates former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. The centre offers a wide range of activities including educational programs, visual arts exhibitions, poetry readings and more. As well as being a cultural center, it’s also home to Canadian historians who conduct extensive research on John Diefenbaker’s life and times. The center is a beautiful building that provides plenty to see and do during your visit to Saskatoon.

3) Bessborough Hotel
Constructed in 1929, The Bessborough Hotel was one of Saskatoon’s first modern high-rise buildings. The original building was 12 stories tall, with a 22-story addition added in 1962. Remodeled multiple times since its construction, it is now only 4 stories high and to date maintains its status as one of Saskatoon’s most recognizable landmarks.

4) The 110th Street Bridge
Get ready to cross over from one side of town to another, by foot or bike—the city is replacing an old bridge with a new one that’s part pedestrian and part road. In 2022, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of Saskatoon views without ever getting behind the wheel. (Funny enough, it also leads to a "beach")

5) The Meewasin Trail
One of Saskatoon’s coolest features is that it’s home to a 22km trail along its South Saskatchewan River. The Meewasin Trail, which is also known as The Saskatoon Cycleski Trail, isn’t just for bikes and skis: It also doubles as a walking and hiking trail, allowing visitors to get out into nature and enjoy gorgeous views.

Remai Modern Art Gallery
Saskatoon’s Remai Modern Art Gallery is home to a stunning permanent collection and its spectacular building, designed by Douglas Cardinal and opened in October 2016, earned a Governor General’s Medal for Architecture. Throughout its first year, it has become one of Saskatchewan’s most-visited attractions. The gallery was also named Canada’s Best New Architectural Experience at the World Architecture Festival in 2017.

7) The Broadway Bridge
This iconic Saskatoon bridge is considered one of Canada’s most beautiful and was built in 1932. It’s a great spot for photographers to capture some incredible panoramic shots. It also marks an important historical moment: in 2012, it became part of a national route celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.

The best town ever! There are just so many reasons why we love living here, but here’s our top seven. Feel free to add your favourite places in Saskatoon in the comments too!

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