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Canadian City Apparel

We are the first Canadian apparel brand to offer minimal and unique designs for all major cities in Canada.

Where we come from is more than just where we live. It's all of our experiences whether it be good or bad because at the end of the day, who are we but a collection of all our memories?

Represent your city and be proud of where you come from. We can help! Let our clothes speak for you.


All our apparel are proudly designed, made, printed and manufactured out of our warehouse in Ontario. We care about Canadians and want to support our people here.

Feel free to email us anytime at - ps. if you don’t see your city / town listed, let us know and we’ll send it to our design team -


For our Canadians living abroad in the United States and European Countries - we have partner distribution centers in a few cities there to help you save costs on shipping. We got you covered eh!